Here are a few kind words our clients and business partners have said about Hawkins Mortgage Group at First United Bank.

“Thank you for the work you’ve done over the past two months … it is clear that you stand out in the field. This is the fourth house I have bought, and it has had the fewest surprises, no delays, and has been a really great experience. Not to get too sentimental, but know you have made it possible for me and my wife to buy our dream home and my kids to be raised in a place they can run and play and feel safe. It’s a big deal. We appreciate you.” – Ben Roberts (client)

“You have been absolutely wonderful through this entire process. We are so impressed with you and First United. We’ll be referring anyone who breathes air and needs money your way.” – Lance Stone (client)

“Michael is a straight-shooter, no-nonsense guy. He’s a very effective communicator with customers. He’ll tell you up front if he can do a loan or not.” – Frances Venable (realtor)

“We appreciate your help and utmost professionalism. We know the right person to contact in the future for a loan. You made this process very easy for us.” – Afia Farooq (client)

“Mike was really helpful with the one and two-step construction process. He was helpful with the loan, and also with the overall custom construction process, which can be a mystery. There are not a lot of resources for that. Not a lot of banks even do construction loans. My bank doesn’t even touch them at all, but he’s an expert at it. He really helped me through that process.” – Gene Fielder (client)

“I, like a lot of people, have definitely done a lot of business with big banks. I’d never done business with a local bank before. It was so refreshing to work with First United and really feel like I’m not just a number. I’m a face and a name. Every time I walk into that branch (at Craig Ranch), I’m not kidding, I feel like everyone knows who I am. It’s ‘Hey Colin, how’re you today?’ It’s so nice to know who you’re dealing with.” –Colin Clasen (client)

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to you and your team. From start to end the communication has been excellent and for that I am very appreciative. We had 17 days on the Third Party Finance Addendum and you were able to get it done. Well done!” – Joe Rutherford (realtor)

“It was a sensitive situation (after the Haney family wasn’t able to close at another institution). We have kids and we had already sold our house, so Mike busted his butt. He clearly did whatever he could do. That’s rare.” – Shazana Haney (client)

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