Hawkins Mortgage Group at First United Bank has two construction loan options to choose from: the one-time close construction to permanent loan program, and the two-time close construction to permanent loan program.

With the one-time close program, borrowers close once at the beginning of the loan process. It was designed to provide homebuyers with the financing upfront, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your financing needs are already in place throughout the construction process. The perk of this loan option is that you only have to close once – that means one application, one qualification, one underwriting, one approval – so you only have to pay for closing costs once. You can also lock in your rate before you start and then only pay interest on the loan during construction.

The two-time close program involves two separate loans. One covers construction and the other covers long-term financing. Once the first loan agreement is signed at closing, the lender releases funds to an account and begins paying draws to the builder upon your approval. The homebuyer pays interest only during the construction period, and then once the house is complete you re-qualify for a permanent mortgage. The perks of this loan are lower mortgage rates and more flexibility.

Do you have questions? Learn more at hawkinsmortgagegroup.com, or give Michael Hawkins a call at 972-369-6913 or email at mhawkins@firstunitedbank.com.

We recently enhanced our Doctor Loan Program at First United Bank with several competitive features. Check it out:

  • 100% financing up to $750,000
  • 95% up to $1.5 million
  • Competitive pricing
  • No PMI (which means lower monthly payments for you)
  • Student loans deferred for 12 months or more are not included in DTI
  • FICO score of up to 700 for $750K loan amount
  • FICO score of 720 and above for $750K to $1.5 million
  • 30-Year Fixed Rate & 15/1 ARM allowed on both Jumbo and conforming loan amounts

Got questions? Give Michael Hawkins a call to discuss how it could benefit you. It’s open to both new and experienced physicians with one of the following professional designations: MD, DO, DDS, or DMD.

Do you dream of houses? If so you might find this photographic exhibition at PDNB (Photographs Do Not Bend) Gallery in the Design District particularly interesting. It’s an exhibition that showcases “a survey of domestic domiciles that offer comforts of home, even in the most questionable settings,” according to the press release. The gallery features the work of various artists, including the photo essay, Last House Standing, by artist Ben Marcin, which documents “isolated, decaying two and three floor walk-ups found in Baltimore and Philadelphia.” It also includes the colorful series of actor and photographer Jason Lee from his road trip around Texas, as well as Ira Wagner’s 10-year document of raised houses on the New Jersey Shore, which “explores how people live comfortably while knowing the future location of their property will be in the ocean.” Click here to see the exhibit, which is open until March 2.


Stillwater Capital, DSF Capital and investor Stephen Summers recently scooped up some property in Frisco and they have plans for a 250-acre mixed-use project, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News.

“The project is planned for Legacy Drive in Frisco, next door to the site where PGA of America is building its headquarters and golf courses,” the DMN states. “The property will be within walking distance of the Omni Frisco Resort Hotel and Conference Center planned for the PGA site,” which it will also overlook.

Go to the full report for more.

250 acre frisco project

Dallas-based PMB Capital Investments announced that a new $250 million mixed-use development called The Station is coming soon to Sachse.

The development will cover 119 acres on both sides of President George Bush Turnpike, between Miles and Merritt. According to the report, it’ll include new housing, commercial and retail space, as well as an upgrade to Heritage Park, which is currently in a portion of that space.

They expect the station to include 400,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, plus 600 apartments and 250 single-family homes. The commercial space will be available for restaurant, office and entertainment users.

If all goes as planned, The Station will open in early 2020.

thestation _ sachse

If you’re the proud owner of a new home, don’t forget one of the main perks (aside from having a house, of course): filing for Texas Homestead Exemption.

Filing for homestead exemption could reduce the amount of property taxes you will be required to pay. As long as you resided in your home on January 1st of this year, you can apply on or before April 30th. It’s a free service, just apply through your local appraisal district.

Contact the Appraisal District of the county where you live and request the necessary documents, or you can download the form directly from the website.

Collin County: 469-742-9200, http://www.collincad.org

Dallas County: 214-631-0910, http://www.dcad.org

Denton County: 940-349-3800, http://www.dentoncad.com

Ellis County: 866-348-3000, http://www.elliscad.com

Kaufman County: 972-932-6081, http://www.kaufmancad.org

Parker County: 817-596-0077, www.isouthwestdata.com

Rockwall County: 972-771-2034, http://www.rockwallcad.com

Tarrant County: 817-284-0024, http://www.tad.org

Wise County: 940-627-3081, http://www.wisecad.org

Hawkins Mortgage Group is supported by First United’s in-house processing, underwriting and closing, all backed by secondary markets and a management team that is second to none. Contact Michael Hawkins to let him help you with your loan needs.


Amazon has made its choice for its new headquarters, HQ2.

Although Dallas was among the finalists, and was even one of a handful of cities to receive a second visit, it did not make the final cut.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Amazon selected “the East Coast power corridor of New York and Washington, D.C., for its new headquarters.”

Amazon will spend around $5 billion in total, but it will divide that between the two cities, employing as many as 25,000 people in each with an average salary of $150,000.

Amazon said its reason for the choice is because “it can recruit more top talent” in those cities, the DMN reports.

For more, read the full story here.

Is a new home on your Christmas list? What about a remodel? If you’re interested in purchasing a home or refinancing your present home or rental property, we have the loan that will fit your specific needs.

We offer:

Hawkins Mortgage Group is supported by First United’s in-house processing, underwriting and closing, all backed by secondary markets and a management team that is second to none. Contact Michael Hawkins to let him help you with your loan needs.

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Did you know we have 138 coffee shops in Dallas? Well, we do. And we also love Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Those two things together put us on Redfin’s list of “10 Best Cities for Pumpkin Spice Lattes.” We are 10th on the list, which we earned by having a high number of coffee shops and a high number of pumpkin spice related searches and hashtags.

Just a few months ago we made a similar list by Redfin, the “15 Best Cities for Ice Cream Lovers.” Our number of ice cream shops is only slightly less impressive at 98, which by the way is actually way more than almost any of the other cities on the list, but unfortunately quantity isn’t the only qualifier. Dallas is 12th on the list of 15, which Redfin whittled down from 100 by factoring in the average Yelp ratings of said ice cream shops.

You can learn more by going to the full surveys, or click to learn more about Redfin McKinney.

A lot of homeowners can appreciate the “reclaimed” trend that has been picking up steam, but the Wall Street Journal recently featured several couples who took their obsession with salvaging old materials to a whole new level.

You might think restoring leftover pieces from condemned buildings or junkyards is a thrifty way for homeowners to save money, but you’d be wrong. Building new homes that incorporate antique pieces, which tend to be heavy and bulky, not to mention often in need of repair, takes a unique skill set — and of course the cost of that labor is passed along to the buyer.

The feature includes Todd and Debbie Martin, who bought seven stained glass windows, salvaged from an 1870s church in rural Pennsylvania. Although the windows only cost them about $4,000, installing them into their new home was a year-long project that cost them around $15,000. And that was only the beginning. In all the Martins spent around $800,000 retrofitting various items in their house, which is twice as much as they spent on the house itself.

Read the full story to see the slideshow and learn about a couple in Sundance, Utah who spent more than $4 million in making their house “resemble an ancient structure.” (If the WSJ story is behind the paywall, you can also find the full story on Realtor.com.)