Creativity hasn’t gone extinct from the real estate industry.

Mansfield real estate agent Casey Lewis took a chance on a gimmick with his recent listing, and it went even better than expected.

At first the listing for the 796-square-foot house in Granbury seems pretty generic. The description calls it a “charming 2 bed 1 bath lake house” and notes that it “comes fully furnished.” But as you click through the 36 images, it doesn’t take long to notice something a little… different.

No you’re not seeing things. That’s definitely someone in a T. rex costume mowing the front lawn, cooking at the stove and lounging on the bed.

T. Rex listing screenshot
Screenshot of Lewis’ listing

Sure it’s a little ridiculous, but it’s also a lot of fun and it helped the property reach No. 1 on, which is a spot generally reserved for famous homes or the homes of celebrities.

“I’ve had this idea for a few years and just needed the right client and the right house to pull it off,” Lewis told the Dallas Morning News. “After I saw the video and the photos I thought it was funny and was hopeful other people would think it was funny too. I expected a lot of people to see it, but never expected this huge of a response.”

To see all the photos, you can find the listing here.

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