There are several reasons why Dallas-area residents who live in apartments are leaving the city, according to a survey from

(And they’re not talking about moving out of the city’s core and into the suburbs; they’re talking about renters changing cities or making cross-country moves.)

In Dallas, the top two reasons that renters leave the city are affordability and job opportunities, which is in line with the national trend. After that, Dallas bucks the national trend, listing commute time as it’s No. 3 reason, whereas safety is typically the third highest concern for apartment dwellers across the United States.

“Renters are traditionally more mobile than homeowners, moving to new cities and metros in search of better jobs, more affordable homes and lifestyle changes,” the article explains.

“Commute time is a concern for only about 7 percent of renters nationwide, with the biggest commute complaints in Dallas.”

The other reasons renters list for moving to another city are weather, dating or friendship, parks and nightlife, school quality and “other.”

Here’s how Dallas renters rank their reasons for moving:

Apartment list graph

“Renters are more satisfied in large southern metros, such as Atlanta, Dallas and Miami, with less than one-third of renters citing job concerns as the primary reason for relocating,” the article says.

For more, read the results of the survey on

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