If you were planning to use Dallas North Tollway this weekend, don’t.

Just don’t.

NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) has big plans for said tollway. Namely, demolishing the remaining half of the old Tennyson Parkway bridge that runs over it, which means you can’t use the tollway even if you want to because there will be a full closure of the Dallas North Tollway from March 31 to April 3.

After being demolished, the bridge will be reconstructed in phases “to accommodate the addition of a fourth lane in each direction of the DNT,” according to a notice from the NTTA. “The north portion was demolished in June 2016, reconstructed and reopened to traffic in January 2017.  The south half is now scheduled for removal.”

Here’s what will be closed:

  • All northbound lanes of the DNT from the Spring Creek Parkway exit to the Headquarters Drive entrance ramp
  • All southbound lanes of the DNT from Gaylord Parkway to the Spring Creek Parkway entrance ramp
  • The southeast-bound and northwest-bound direct-connector ramps from the SRT to southbound DNT
  • The northbound DNT direct-connector ramp to southeast-bound and northwest-bound SRT
  • The northbound entrance ramps from Windhaven Parkway and Spring Creek Parkway
  • The northbound exit ramps at Legacy Drive and Headquarters Drive
  • The southbound entrance ramps from Gaylord Parkway, SH 121 and Legacy Drive
  • The southbound exit ramps to Legacy Drive and Spring Creek Parkway

Hop over to the NTTA’s website for more details.

NTTA road closures

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