Look, we all know Texas is pretty cool. Except, of course, when it’s hot.

So we weren’t really that surprised when four Texas suburbs were named “coolest in the country” by Thrillest, including one in our very own backyard – McKinney!

The other Texas cities that were included in this list are Round Rock near Austin, New Braunfels near San Antonio and Pearland near Houston.

To qualify, the suburbs needed: “A good (or at least respectable) food/drink scene, with enough places to go close to home to not always have to trudge back into the city; not so far away from the city that the commute is awful; and a place with a history or its own unique elements that separate it from just planned suburban sprawl.”

For McKinney, Thrillist pointed out several local hotspots: Cadillac Pizza Pub, Spoons Cafe, Square Burger, Harvest, The Celt and Zin Zen.

The article also mentions Plano and Frisco, but it gives the spot of “coolest suburb” to McKinney because Plano is too big and Frisco is “too sanitary to be great.”

So good job, McKinney, for being small and dirty enough to be cool.

(Also, let’s not forget that Money magazine listed McKinney as the No. 1 best place to live in the entire United States back in 2014.)

So what earned McKinney this impressive title? It appears to be McKinney’s “legitimate and very old-school Downtown that’s perfect for people-watching.” It’s a combination of things, like the food at Square Burger, the vibe at Cadillac Pizza Pub, the wine selection at Zin Zen, and the farm-to-table options at Harvest.

This almost makes us forgive Thrillist for also including a certain Dallas suburb that you might recognize (*cough Frisco*) on its list of “the most obnoxiously rich suburbs in America.”


*The photo in this article is from Cadillac Pizza Pub’s Facebook page.

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