What is it our parents always used to tell us? “Don’t talk to strangers.” Well, when you’re a realtor, that simply isn’t an option. Talking to strangers, getting into cars with strangers and going to houses alone with strangers is your job, and unfortunately that puts you at a certain amount of risk.

Learn some potentially life-saving safety tips, tricks and suggestions in our free class by retired police detective Robert Griffin, which is designed specifically for realtors. It also includes home safety tips, which you can provide for your new home buyers.

Click HERE to RSVP through Facebook. The class is Jan. 19 at 2 p.m. at Black Walnut Cafe: 955 W Stacy Road in Allen. The event is hosted by Hawkins Mortgage Group at First United Bank and John Young at Goosehead Insurance Agency. Did we mention it’s free? Coffee and snacks will also be provided.

The keynote speaker is Robert Griffin, a retired Police Detective from Henderson, NV. He began his police career as a Patrol Officer and, from early on, had a knack for police work. He led his unit with the highest amount of felony arrests. He was invited to take the Detective test after only 3 & 1/2 years on the force. He tested, and not only passed, but was the highest scoring candidate. Robert moved into the detective bureau the very next week. He spent his first 18 months as a property and fraud detective where he was able to successfully solve hundreds and hundreds of cases. In 2008, Robert was selected to join the ROP team, which is an undercover unit. The ROP unit dealt only with high-level cases and worked an incredibly diverse case load including gangs, narcotics, organized crime and repeat offenders. He spent his last two years working with a Counter-Terrorism Task Force.

Robert is a husband, father and independent business owner. He now travels the world and shares his wisdom with people all over the country.

RSVP through Facebook.

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