“Can you believe it? We just did it,” Shazana Haney said excitedly as she patted her husband, Tyler, on the leg. “We’re finally done.” The Haney family just finished signing the closing documents on their new home in Frisco and both Shazana and Tyler were visibly relieved.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for the couple and their two children. They came to Hawkins Mortgage Group at First United Bank on October 3 in desperate need. They had already sold their old home and were counting on being able to close on the mortgage for their new home, but unfortunately their loan had run into some irreversible roadblocks at another institution.

“The other institution was pretty far in the process when some obstacles came up that weren’t able to be resolved,” Michael Hawkins explains.”They called us and helped us understand the issues and restructure the loan.”

Hawkins reviewed their documents and within 24 hours he told the Haneys that, if they could provide him with just a few more documents, he could get them a loan through First United. The Haneys were overjoyed.

“It was a sensitive situation,” Shazana points out. “We have kids and we had already sold our house, so he busted his butt. I’m sure he had to put many other things aside to get us to close. He clearly did whatever he could do. That’s rare.”

They expected it to take at least 3 weeks, but Hawkins and loan assistant Kristie Moore had the Haneys at the closing table in just 11 days. Of course, Hawkins is quick to point out this was a special case and closing a loan in 11 days is next to impossible in most scenarios.

“I can’t take all the credit,” Hawkins says. “The other lender had already started the file, but it was a good challenge. The best part of this particular loan was that we helped someone and they truly appreciated it.”

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